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Canadian Mining in Latin America

Resourcing Public Research and Debate on Canadian Mining in Latin America

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Over the last twenty years, Canadian miners have become the most influential group within the continent’s mining sector, developing between 1200 to 1500 projects in any given year. This presence has important consequences for the hundreds of Latin American communities and the countries that host these projects, but it also matters for Canadian citizens whose government provides vital support for the industry and whose pensions and investments help capitalize its work.

The current mining boom in Latin America is not without its controversies. The industry and a number governments argue that mining can act as a powerful agent for regional and national development, generating jobs and revenue. On the other hand a growing number of communities, organizations and observers note that the current mining model undermines local development objectives, produces unacceptable environmental threats, and erodes human and political rights.

This site is a platform for research and documentation that aims to resource a more thoughtful and well-grounded debate on these issues. It is developed and maintained by MICLA, a faculty-student research collective based at McGill University in Montréal, Canada.



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