McGill Research Group Investigating
Canadian Mining in Latin America

Cobre Panama, Panama

Key Data

Company:INMET, First Quantum Minerals Operational status:advanced development Materials extracted:copper, gold Type of mine:open pit Main issues:land rights, biodiversity, labour, indigenous


Synopsis: This 13 600 ha  mining project will contain three open-pits, all located within the MesoAmerican Biological Corridor and within the Donoso Protected Area. The company sought a legal injunction against the protected area status of the area, alleging that it violated the terms of its agreement with the Panamanian government. The Supreme Court of Panama recently upheld the Protected Area status, a day after the company’s environmental permit was approved. State-owned Korean Resources Corporation is poised to obtain a 20% share in the project, which environmental and legal groups argue violates provisions in the Panamanian constitution that prohibit foreign states from owning property in Panama.


Timeline of Key Events