McGill Research Group Investigating
Canadian Mining in Latin America

Cocula, Mexico

Key Data

Company:Teck Cominco; Timmins Gold Operational status:exploration Materials extracted:gold Type of mine:open pit Main issues:water, pollution


Synopsis: In 2007 officials of the ministry of health of the state of Guerrero reported high levels of arsenic contaminating several bodies of water in the municipality of Cocula, including a local reservoir. In the same year ejidatarios of four local communities (Real de Limón, La Fundición, Nuevo Balsas and Aztcala) occupied the project to protest what they alleged was an usurpation of their lands. Representatives claim that the 110 ejidatarios who hold title to the lands under exploration did not give the company permission to operate. Local inhabitants were also concerned about potential ground movements and landslides. The project ceased operations in 2008. In 2009 three community organizers were arrested by the police on what their colleagues claim were trumped up charges. The 2011 technical report drawn up for Torex Resources indicates that land rights had still not been secured.