McGill Research Group Investigating
Canadian Mining in Latin America

Proyecto Ninu y Papagallos, Argentina

Key Data

Company:Anglo-American Chile. Compañía Minera Collahuasi, Japan Collahuasi Resources BV, Xstrata, Suramina Operational status:suspended Materials extracted: Type of mine: Main issues:land rights, water


Synopsis: The mine borders the Diamond Lagoon, the largest water reserve in Mendoza. Opposition to the project has come from professionals, residents and the government of San Carlos (Mendoza) in defense of the water reserve and the Uco Valley. It is alleged that the operators lacked the required permits and did not satisfy Argentine standards for Environmental Impact Assessment. In 2007, the municipality Mendocino of San Carlos prohibited the use of contaminating substances in mining and issued ordinances to prevent the degradation local waters and biodiversity. The project has been suspended.


Timeline of Key Events