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Canadian Mining in Latin America

Santa Barbara, Honduras

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The communities of the Department of Santa Barbara, evidently influenced by the experiences of mining communities elsewhere in Honduras, organized a protest of 8,000 people in August 2007 reaction to the news that Oracle Energy Corporation was interested in pursuing a concession to mine in the area (Hondudiario, 2007). Following the protest, elected officials in Santa Barbara declared the area an ‘ecological municipality’ (Hondudiario, 2007). Oracle expressed its intent to mine in the area where the aquifer supports 370 communities and over 100,000 people. Community members and local elected officials worried that mining operations would interfere with access to adequate clean and safe water, as has been the case with other mining regions in Honduras (Hondudiario, 2007). In June 2008, Oracle announced that it was reconsidering its initial proposal to mine in the area (Oracle, 2008). It is not clear if this decision has anything to do with the protest and general rejection of mining in Santa Barbara.


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