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Canadian Mining in Latin America


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Maps and spatial data

Canadian Mining Projects and Ecologically vulnerable Areas in South America

Produced by Kate Whysner in 2011, this map superimposes Canadian mining projects currently under development across South America on to known areas of ecological importance and vulnerability. Interestingly the area of most intense overlap is found in the Central Andes – an important zone for both mining activity and migratory bird flyways and habitat.

Socio-Environmental Conflicts and Canadian Mining Projects – A KML for Google Earth

Produced over the course of 2011-2012 this kml provides the locations and synoptic information on 82 socio-environmental conflicts involving a Canadian mining project from the mid-1990s to the present (2012). The file can be downloaded and easily opened up in Google Earth.

Publications & reports of MICLA members

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Code of Silence

In the November 2011 issue of The Walrus, Candace Vallantin published “Code of Silence”on the multi-million dollar lawsuit Barrick Gold and Banro Corporation brought against the authors and editors of Noir Canada: Pillage, corruption, et criminalité en Afrique (Black Canada: Plundering, Corruption, and Crime in Africa).

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Katryna Van Vliet’s MSE honour’s thesis on Protected Areas and mining in Panama.

Focused on case study of INMET’s development of a three-pit copper mine in the heart of the Area Protegida de Donoso, a keystone of the Panamanian section of the MesoAmerican Biological Corridor.

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La Mineria Canadiense en America Latina – Un Panorama Contemporaneo

Escrito en 2008 por la revista Vetas del Colegio de San Luis (Mexico), este ensayo da un vistazo general de la expansión de la industria minera canadiense desde los años 1990 hasta hoy. Sintetiza los hallazgos sobre las causas de este fenomeno, sus dimensiones socio-ambientales, asi que los desafios politicos que este implica.


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Lithium Triangle (Triangulo del Litio) in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile

This report produced in January 2014 is an overview of the Lithium Triangle together with a short assessment of the growing worldwide demand for lithium and hence the special importance that Lithium Triangle with its’ world’s richest lithium deposits can have in the near future. The report also includes an overview of the Sal de Vida lithium mine operation in Argentina (Galaxy Resources, Canadian-based Lithium One merged its’ assets in 2012)  as well as an estimation of potential conflicts with local communities.


Yevgeniya Yatsenko